How I Market Your Home


With 92% of home buyers searching online, our photos must make an impression. That’s why I hire a professional to do still shots, which capture your home at all its best angles, and aerial drone photography. These photos are the basis of all my marketing material. 

3D Tour 

Buyers still want to see inside your home so we’ll walk them room by room! Our 3D camera scans from multiple locations in each room and creates the dollhouse view you see below. Buyers can then navigate through your home from their computer, phone, or even spin around in circles if they want! We live in an on­demand world where consumers expect instant gratification. With a 3D tour, potential buyers from across town or across the country, can “step inside” your home at any time. 


A property flyer is very helpful for potential clients to take with them after the showing. My flyers are designed to be simple, helpful, and to give the information to the consumer that could not be communicated in the listing. 


A Distinction Home Sign is a significant marketing tool in the selling process. It puts the world on notice that we’re soliciting a buyer for your home. In addition, a prospective buyer that calls off the sign has already determined many positive things about your home. They like the neighborhood. They like the street. They like your curb appeal. They probably have a picture of what they’re hoping the inside looks like and what they’d like the price to be.